Hey you

Hey you,

How’s life been treating you lately? It seems that you haven’t gotten up from the ground yet after your fall. Or is it that life has been putting you down lately, keeping you on the ground?

Have you tried getting up and brushing off the dirt from your knees before moving forward? Or have you gotten too comfortable staying on the ground, just looking up at everyone moving past you?

No one’s going to stop and help you up, you know. You need to get up yourself before anybody else will notice that you need help. But then again, on second thought, maybe they would not help you still even if you get up because they will think that you are strong enough to move forward.

Or, have you tried asking for help? That has always been your dilemma, you know. You don’t know when to ask for help. You have been too strong on your own and you have stayed strong for everyone else that you no longer know when it is time for you to ask for help.

Help. What is help, anyway? You never really knew the concept of it. All you knew is either using people or bartering with services. A favor asked is a favor returned. That has always been your mantra.

It’s not pride that keeps you from asking for help. It is your own inability to know when to ask for it.

Somebody said that if you fall to the ground, roll over and look at the stars. You’ve been looking at the stars for a long time now. Do you have any plans of trying to get up and reach for one? Literally, it is indeed impossible but what the heck. Maybe it is about time to try.

I can see that you are tired, though. Maybe a few more moments of rest will do you good. Rest. It is important for one’s soul. Let go of all the worries and just grab life by the reigns. It is about time to plan out your next step while you rest.

And once you get up, find the strength in you to move forward. I know you still have an ounce left. Let go of your baggages. You don’t need them in your journey. They will just drag you down. It will take a while though but at least make a start. It will be worth it, I promise.

Rest. Then get up. Move forward. Life is waiting to happen. There is always a new beginning.