This Is The Aftermath Of Cheating

something to ponder about…

Thought Catalog

Every day since, you have felt the tension in the air between your bodies. It is as though the words “You lied to me” linger delicately in the space between you, which seems to grow every second.

When you look at them, you do not think about anything but the lips that have touched theirs, the ones that are not your own. You ask yourself: Did they like it? More? Did they have to lean down to meet the other person’s lips, were they tall enough, did they not have to stand on the tips of their toes to meet the embrace? Did they like it better that way? You know they will assure you of the opposite. You know it will be hard for you to accept it, but ultimately you will, because you see no other choice. Maybe it becomes easier to accept the lies of the ones…

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