Insane Madness

Staring at the sky
Wondering why
I’m in this mess
It makes no sense

Cloudless sky
Tell me why
Shooting star
Why so far?

It’s got to stop
I’m so fucked up
It’s too complicated
I’m getting sedated

It can’t go on
But can’t let go
I can’t be blamed
I’m still in flames

I have to get away
I want to fly away
To stop the game
To end this

Insane madness
That started as a remedy
To the boredom that’s eating me
Now it’s getting out of hand
I need to run away

Numbness, calmness
What’s the difference
Serenity, complexity
I gotta be crazy

Time to quit
I’m into deep
How do I leave
When you’re still here?


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