you weren’t there…

As darkness falls
And you lie awake alone
Do you think of me?

As the sun rises
And you open your eyes
Do you look for me
If I’m lying beside you?

Do you even care
When I’m not there?
Do I matter most
In your life?

All I wanted
Was your warm embrace
To comfort me
On my loneliest days
To wipe these tears
Streaming down my face
And tell me everything’s
Gonna be alright

And yet you weren’t there…

As darkness falls
And I lie awake
I think of you
And what should have been

Yet as the sun rises
The dream ends
And you are not here
By my side

On the darkest night
I see your face
Fading away
Moving out of my reach
Because you aren’t mine
And you never were

All I can do now is let you go…