all because of him…

Darkness surrounded her for what felt like eternity. Dark clouds hanging over her head. Working her way through life as the day passes by, not caring about time, not caring about anything. She stood by the sidelines, watching everything around her, all beautiful things happening, everything floating and flying with vibrant colors, leaving trails of sparkle.

She envied those around her, those who live life the way it should. Genuine smiles that makes the eyes sparkle goes her way but for some reason, she cannot return the kind of smile that matches the one she received. She wishes to be out of the dark and be one of those she envied, wishing that King Midas turns his way and turn her to gold so she can sparkle like everyone else. She felt like the sand, all coarse and gray amidst the smooth, clear surface of the glass that glitters in the sun.

She wanted to step into the light, to be vibrant as the others. To be the gold that’s worthy to the king, to be one of the gems that everybody admires. She wanted to live the live to the fullest, just like everybody else does.

She didn’t want to live in the dark anymore. She wanted to banish the dark cloud over her head. She wanted to feel light, to be light. Free from all the shackles of heartache and pain that pushed her to the sidelines of life.

She cannot do it alone though. She needed the tough of King Midas to turn her dark world to gold. The lightning of Zeus to strike the sand and be the clear glass, the span of time to turn her from an ordinary stone to one of the beautiful gems. She needed Prince Charming to kiss her awake from a long and deep slumber and promise her a happy ever-after ending.

Never had she expected that he would be that someone she was looking for. He may not be King Midas, but he makes her world look better. He may not have the lightning of Zeus but he makes her see clearer. He may not be the Prince Charming in any of the fairy tales but he broke the shackles that tied her life in the darkness.

She now feels like the butterfly that suddenly broke out of her cocoon, spreading her wings for the first time, seeing a different side of the world, everything in vibrant colors, everything sparkling, everything beautiful. All because of him.


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