Chaotic Fulfillment of a Dream


Another early morn. A sign of a new beginning. Supposedly.

However, two lives hang in the balance as the dawn breaks. Both still have the chance to live but time is of the essence.  Every breath precious, every second matters. And yet, very second feels like a lifetime, every minute feels like forever.

The panic is already closing in. The air around is thick, evidence of a pending doom. It is getting harder to breathe. What to do? What to do? The soul cries out for help and yet no one can hear. The voice deep within is already screaming yet no sound is coming out. Emotions already in chaos, anxiety is hitting.

The urge to run away and hide until it is over is too strong yet running away is no longer an option. Defeat is just around the corner. If only a small reprieve can be seen. A small glimmer of hope that everything will be alright. But hope is becoming nil.

Praying to all the gods he no longer believe in, praying for salvation not for himself but for the lives around him. How the mighty has fallen, how the strong weakens. Who would have thought that he could feel so helpless?

It is not yet over. How long has it been? How many hours have passed? Or has it just been seconds? The anticipation kills. The wait for some miracle is getting too long. Something has to happen. Something, anything. A sign is needed. A signal of some sort that something good will come out of this situation.

Frustration, anxiety, anticipation… Can the world just stop turning? Just for a little while? Just to take a breather. Just to get back on track. Just to think.

The morning has arrived. Time to face the music. The mask of strength has to be worn again. All other emotions and insecurities  wiped out and hidden in the dark. It is time to see a glimpse of what the future holds.



The pending doom has been averted. The panic gone, anxiety faded. May it be because of a miracle, divine intervention or fate, it doesn’t matter anymore. A sigh of relief could now be easily drawn. A sense of fulfillment, of completion, can be felt. A certain feeling of elation that cannot be sensed with anything else.  A certain high that any drug cannot provide. A joy that could not be explained.

The past few hours has been forgotten from the moment he held his small miracle. The chaos in life fades away with just a single look, a single smile. Who would have known that a small bundle of joy could wipe out everything else and provide a sense of peace and belongingness? This bundle could make him weak yet, at the same time, strong enough to take on the world. An experience that humbles him but makes him proud all at the same time.

Life’s game plan has changed. Everything will change from now on. He no longer lives for himself alone. He’s got what he can call his home. His life now revolves around the small miracle that has been handed to him. A miracle that he doesn’t really deserve but was given to him nonetheless.

He may not be able to predict what the future holds for both of them but a pact has already been made. A strong bond that no one could break. Their lives are now as intertwined as the strongest thread.

He is not a promising man, but a lifetime vow he made that can never be broken. A promise to be there every step of the way. No ifs, no buts or any other excuses. He got what he had dreamed of for so long and from now on, it will be just the two of them.


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