castles in the sand

I thought this was it. The final one. The last struggle, the final answer. It was all too perfect from the very beginning. I was happy, I felt contented. And I thought to myself, this is where I settle down.

I started making plans. I started building castles in the sand, thinking this would last. Never had it come to mind that castles would eventually erode by the strong waves brought in by the high tide. Never did it come to mind that the waves would be too strong for my castles to survive. And never did it come to mind that there will be waves bigger and greater and far stronger than my castle.

Before my eyes, my castle of dreams slowly erode. I desperately tried to  salvage it, to rebuild what was ruined but the waves were coming in too fast for me. In desperate plea, I prayed for the storm to pass, for the waves to stop. But my plea was never answered. I watched helplessly as the waves devoured my castle. I stood by, crying over the sand that was left, feeling my heart shatter in agony.

All those times spent in building it and the love poured over the creation has been lost in just a span of few minutes. I howled in pain, just as the thunders roll, sympathizing with the gut-wrenching pain I feel inside.

The place where my sand castle stood was now as flat as the day I started building. The castle is gone, taken by the waters back to where it belonged and taking all my hopes and dreams with it.

Maybe it’s time to build anew. Find a new place to start. Build a castle that can survive the strongest of the waves. Build new hopes and dreams. But for now, I will await for the storm to pass before I start moving on.



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One thought on “castles in the sand

  1. Seiki says:

    Oh the read that moved way back when. I remember how I kept thinking about this. I’m glad I’m standing on a rock lately. 🙂

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