behind the mask…

One way or another, we have our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. And as much as we try to hide it, there comes a point when all the walls we’ve put up to cover everything crumbles down. No matter how much we want to stop it, we can’t. The walls will crumble to the last brick until everything we hide is exposed.

It doesn’t stop there. People start to criticize us, ridicule us, despise us. No matter how insignificant your error was. We are always left hanging. The only defense we have is by wearing a mask just to show that we are not affected by it all. No matter how much it hurts.

However, we can only hold on to the mask for such a time before it wears out. Before it shows how vulnerable we have become. Until the only option left is to run away. To hide. To take time to heal our wounds. To once again build the wall that crumbled.

Situations that we cannot avoid will force us to face what we are running from. Life is funny and frustrating that way. No matter how unprepared we are, no matter how unfinished our walls are, we have to start facing the music. Until the music fades…

Now, the music is about to start. It’s time to wear the mask again. Time to convince people, especially ourselves, that we are unaffected by it all…


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